Project Case Study

Company Overview:

PenRad offers a total solution for breast imaging and Low Dose Computed Tomography (LDCT) lung screening, enhancing practice workflow. The company provides radiology information management solutions for productivity and revenue optimization in mammography tracking and reporting, general radiology and vascular workflow.

PenRad products are designed for flexibility and easy integration, offering fast and reliable interpretation, reporting, tracking and management of clinical data. PenRad products can integrate with an existing infrastructure or provide a complete solution.

Tradeshow Branding Challenge

PenRad wanted to call out and educate people about its specific products at tradeshows.


Red Technologies created retractable banners for each product to display at different ends of the booth and table top displays at each workstation to cross-promote the products. A universal setup including a backdrop with removable decals could be changed to focus on different products depending on the show. We also created custom stickers and name badges to hand out at the show for product/service branding.


PenRad Website Challenge

Use modern web security and web tools to maximize communication for both internal and external use.


Red Technologies developed a new website with secured customer and employee logins to hold resources that may be accessed at any time. The site also received a fresh design and layout to help better communicate with the visitors about the company and products.


PenRad Booklet Challenge

PenRad needed a catalog of the company’s many products and services that could be provided all in one piece of literature.


We created a visually appealing reference book with education and entertainment. Using a unique square shape and a lot of white space makes it appear to be more of a coffee table book over a product catalog.

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