Mobile App Development
The world has gone mobile and today, many companies offer mobile apps as an alternative method to deliver content with certain advantages over an official website. Mobile app development is becoming more and more popular and more and more necessary to keep up with your competition! These apps are specifically made for use on hand-held devices. As more and more people rely on their smartphones and tablets to connect and interact with businesses when they’re on the go, it is increasingly more important to make sure your mobile presence is top notch.

Red Technologies’ product development process for mobile apps begins with strategy and design and concludes with rigorous testing. We use the latest in mobile technology to create your app including ASP.NET Web API and Xamarin. Red Technologies has experience in the range of development from pure native to cross platform apps and can help you select the best choice for your project. You will deal with our Red Tech experts every step of the way to ensure your mobile app is flawless.

Website App Development
Web applications are the interactive parts of websites that the user can control. For example, a restaurant might have a website that displays its hours of operation, directions and its menu. A web app might be an added piece that allows you to make a reservation online, or allows the user to select different items off the menu and determine the combined nutritional information for the meal. Web apps are also used by doctors to access medical records securely from multiple locations.

Red Technologies designs and develops custom web applications to keep you ahead of your rivals. We use the most current technology paired with industry standards and take you from the strategy and development stage all the way to approval and launch using ASP.NET MVC and Web API, AngularJS, HTML5 and CSS3.

We help clients conceive, refine and create web applications and software products. You’ll have access to our Red Tech experts throughout the process from planning to implementation.

Do you have questions regarding web or mobile apps? Contact us today and our Red Tech experts will listen to your needs, ask questions and provide you with several options. We’ll work together to create a custom app that will help you meet your unique business goals.

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