What We Do

  • Conceptualization

    Hosting initial meeting with client to establish goals and vision for the website. This is where the preliminary analysis of the project takes place as well.

  • Brainstorming

    Confirming system and project design with the client using the info gathered from the conceptualization stage before the initial coding begins.

  • Execution

    Execution is where the extensive code testing process and code writing commence. Once all automated unit tests have been written and passed, the next stage will be to refine the code.

  • Refining

    Refactoring code for better software performance is achieved by testing and retesting until the performance becomes optimal! Finally comes actual user beta testing.

  • Finalization

    The site becomes live! Running maintenance and evaluating software continue to be conducted. Jumping back to the refining phase when feasible and fixing bugs after moving to live.

Web Development

At Red Technologies, we are devoted to giving each of our clients an outstanding website to showcase their business and all it has to offer. Our web developers are specialists in WordPress and love to utilize their talents to create custom and unique websites to fit your specific business needs. Whether your site contains basic business information or needs a custom form or store, we use the most current technology to help you beat the competition!  Learn more….

App Development for Website and Mobile

The need for applications is expanding at an extreme rate with customers relying on apps to stay connected and interact with businesses at all times and from any location. Our Red Techs use the most current technology paired with industry standards to keep you ahead of the rivals in any market. We take you from the strategy and development stage all the way to approval and launch. Our experts can create custom apps for both mobile use and for web applications.  Learn more…


Social Media Marketing

Nearly everyone has at least one social media account these days, making it an extremely important tool for businesses to use to communicate with their current and potential clients. At Red Technologies, we’re here to assist you in staying connected with your customers and communities. Advising the digital world of business services as well as getting feedback from clients, has never been so “social.” From Facebook and Google + to Instagram and LinkedIn we are your superior advisors!  Learn more…

Search Engine Optimization (SEO)

Want a SEO friendly website? We have a team of experts that is knowledgeable on the latest ever-changing information that will keep your website at the top of search engines. We take over and provide fantastic results! Each of our clients and their SEO needs are unique, so we put our best skills forward to customize a plan to ensure your business is discoverable on all the major search engines such as Google, Bing, YouTube and Yelp.  Learn more…


Website Security & Maintenance Services

Has your WordPress site ever been hacked? Have you received the “white screen of death”? That’s not fun at all, but Red Tech can help! When you host your WordPress site with us we can take care of keeping your site secure and backed-up. If anything happens to the site, we can restore it to the latest working backup to get you up and running as fast as we can. Learn more…

Video Production & Marketing

Video is everywhere. You find them in your social media feeds, on websites and in your email through marketing and newsletters. In the age of the social media boom, mobile app technology and the growing epidemic of shorter attention spans across the world, video marketing remains strong. Not only does video give a strong visual presentation to a company’s product or service, one video can be produced and marketed on many different digital platforms offering great exposure for a Brand while creating a clear and consistent message to their market. Don’t know where to start? Red Technologies can help. Learn more…



Whether your company is brand new or well established, our marketing services can help your business grow and succeed in all areas. Red Technologies offers company branding that includes logo design, taglines and slogans. We’ll help you create your own elevator pitch to briefly explain who you are and what you do. Our marketing experts are ready to help with both print and online marketing in a variety of different areas. Don’t know where to start? Click here to learn more…


How do you let people know about your business? You tell them. And to tell them, you need words. Our copywriting services can help your business shine in many different areas. Our expert writers at Red Technologies can help create the perfect content for your website, blog, brochures, signs and ads. We’ll help you create a clear and concise message that will grab your customer’s attention…and we’ll make sure the commas are in all the right places too. Click here to learn more…


Graphic Design

Your business is amazing and unique and you want your clients to recognize that right away. Red Technologies can help. Our graphic design experts can create all kinds of custom pieces to make your business stand out. From brochures and pamphlets to logos and illustrations, our Red Techs will put their creativity to work for you. Click here to learn more…

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