– 30 minute session on-location

– Capture video/photos of business

– Create script and/or message

– Voice over recording

– 30-45 second video professional quality video in .mp4 format

*Offer valid through October 31, 2018.

Exclusively available to businesses ONLY  located in Buffalo, Minnesota.

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People are gathering information through video every day on their smartphones, tablets and computers. Video has the power to show and tell so much, in very little time. Allowing you to get the point across quickly and grab your market’s attention.

Use video to define your brand and explain what makes it unique, or demonstrate a product or service to showcase how your company does it best. Video is a multi-channel marketing tool that can be utilized through social media, websites, tradeshow displays and other digital communication.

So, how could you promote your company in a 45 second video? Let Red Technologies show you.


  • "Having our webpage redesigned by Red Technologies has enabled us to have an exciting webpage versus a boring webpage, and one that also works from the perspective of the customer being able to find their way around the webpage and get to the information they're looking for easily and quickly."

    Merton Auger City Administrator of Buffalo, MN
  • "Very responsive to our concerns our calls. Anything that we want updated whether it be website information our intranet, Red has been very responsive to our requests and our needs."

    Laureen Bodin Assistant Administrator of Buffalo, MN
  • “The video that Red Technologies did regarding the downtown and the redevelopment project...what it did is it really made people feel like, 'Wow do I live in Hallmark movie?', and that to me was exactly the point I wanted to make. There really is more than what meets the eye, I think Red Technologies sees the heart of your community and they can share it in a way that there's no way we could have done.”

    Teri Lachermeier Mayor of Buffalo, MN
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