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Facebook is a great took for businesses to reach customers and share news about their company. If you use Facebook for your business, make sure to know what your goals are and set your Facebook strategy accordingly. Your goal may be to increase “likes” and interaction on your page and/or to increase the number of customers coming into the business.

How do you do that?

  1. Know who your ideal client is. What is their age, gender, marital status and household income? Where do they live and work? After you have an ideal client in mind, make sure your posts will appeal to that specific person.
  2. Know who your competitors are and watch what they are doing on social media.
  3. What other businesses have similar clients? “Like” their pages and their content.
  4. Promote sales that your business is having or offer Facebook-specific deals.
  5. Ask questions related to your business or industry to get conversations going. Make sure to “like” comments posted to your site and/or comment back in a timely manner to show you’re listening. This is great customer service.
  6. Answer questions/comments in a timely manner.
  7. Do not delete negative comments posted publicly on the page. Instead, address them publicly and in a timely manner. Make sure the responses come from the business owner/manager.
  8. Check the Facebook Insights to see what time of day your page is getting the most activity. Post at that time.
  9. Post every day from 1-5 times, but not more than once in an hour. Utilize Facebook’s tool to schedule posts in advance.
  10. Always include a photo with every single post, even if it’s just your logo or a photo of the outside of your business.


Note: On Facebook, a comment has more value than a like and a share has more value than a comment. If you do a giveaway, invite people to “share” the giveaway on their own Facebook pages to further spread the word.


If this is all a little overwhelming, we completely understand. Call Red Technologies today to learn how we can help with your social media marketing. Click here for more information or call us at 612-310-7972.


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