Five ways to improve your brand during the COVID-19 outbreak

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Every aspect of our lives has been affected by the COVID-19 outbreak. Businesses are now finding themselves in a tricky position: trying to stay relevant while remaining sensitive to the crisis. Here are a few ways your brand can become stronger while staying mindful of the pandemic.

1. Put the customer first (By staying connected)

When navigating a time as unpredictable as now, businesses should put extra effort toward maintaining and strengthening their relationships with customers. To do so, brands need to go where their customers are, which is now almost 100% online! Because most people are spending extra time at home, customers will be more accessible through various online platforms, including email and social media. Utilize the internet to enhance your communication and provide quick customer support. Effectively listening and connecting with customers will allow your brand to give an uplifting experience many might need right now.

2. Keep people informed (Without causing alarm)

Businesses of all sizes need to communicate their response to the crisis, especially when it pertains to how COVID-19 directly impacts their operation. This information includes any proactive safety measures taken, policy updates, or differing business hours. Although it may feel like everyone already sees an overwhelming amount of these messages in the media, communicating this information can still add value to customers who may be concerned about any action your company is currently taking. Remember to pay extra attention to your tone, making sure any information you share regarding COVID-19 comes from a credible source.

3. Reorganize marketing strategy (without changing your message)

Adjusting scheduled campaigns and planned content is another necessary step when responding to the COVID-19 outbreak. Start by deciding which campaigns need auditing and pause anything that may include elements that aren’t appropriate during this time. It’s crucial to evaluate the imagery and language usage in the messages your brand is sending to its customers. For example, images of people shaking hands or standing in a crowd may no longer be considered appropriate. We also recommend revising figurative language, such as “working hand-in-hand” or “a killer deal,” to avoid scrutiny. If you have a current or upcoming campaign that includes these types of messages, it may be best to swap them out with something more sensitive for the time being.

4. Highlight how your brand can help (and add value!)

Brands exist to provide value to their customers, and in this time customers may be looking to yours for help or support. If applicable, share with your customers how your product may have potential value during this time, or how you are using your company to have a positive impact on others in your community. And, if you aren’t selling products that are currently considered helpful, you can still provide support to your customers and increase morale with positive messaging. Try offering tips to staying entertained at home, or share positive stories on social media!

5. Prioritize authenticity (Be human!)

Right now, simply showing your human side can be more valuable than smart marketing. Revealing authenticity in your posts and exhibiting that your brand cares about its consumers and their community will have a longer-lasting impact than something clever, but out of context. Lead with empathy, and let your brand’s core values guide your actions!

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