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I can’t remember…what year did Jack Palance do one handed push-ups when he won an Oscar?  GOOGLE IT!  I had the best cheeseburger….oh what was the name of the place…it was in Uptown.  GOOGLE IT!  I need my car window fixed but it has to happen while I am at work.  GOOGLE IT!  How do we get anything answered in today’s world of the internet?  WE GOOGLE IT!

Interesting how the word google is less then 20 years old and has become the number one way that we use to explain how to exchange, find, and share information.  It certainly makes sense that if you want to be found, you better show up on Google. How to get to the top of that long list of information?  There are ways!  One way is called Search Engine Optimization (SEO).  SEO is the process of getting internet traffic from search engines (the biggest being Google) to your website.  Ever wonder how Google determines who to show at the top of the search when you type in “Where do go to find the best sushi in Minneapolis?”  Search Engine Optimization certainly helps.  It takes the free, organic, natural searches and picks out key words, images, industry or news specific searches from your website and to the top you can go!  

Want to get your website seen?  That can happen.  A few key words specially placed and zoooooom to top you go.  It is the mission of the team at Red Technologies to get and keep your website at the top of GOOGLE.

Never miss an opportunity to drive traffic TO your website.  GOOGLE, the biggest search engine out there, needs to be able to find your site.  SEO is the key to that happening!

Who’s the best web developer in Buffalo, MN?  GOOGLE IT!  Want to be at the top of the Google list?  We can help.

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