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Teamwork.  It’s what makes Red Technologies who we are today!   At Red Technologies, our goal is to help your business succeed.  If you succeed, we succeed.  It’s a circle of success!

How does a company create this unity?  It is not made overnight and sometimes no matter how hard you try….you can’t force it.  You need the ability to take a combination of people, with different personalities and working styles, to work together for a common goal.

A great coach can make a team run smoothly, and we are lucky to have Suzie Meier as our boss.   Suzie is the one making the team run together as a unit….with the same goal: help businesses succeed.   We love what we do and that is because our boss makes sure that we are loving what we do!  As she grows her company, she is very deliberate in not just finding good employees, but also being flexible at making sure those employees continue excelling, and more importantly, enjoying their work!

Red Technologies was a team of one, just three years ago….we are now a team of 10 and growing!   As Suzie adds to her team, she finds people that are awesome at what they do, and then empowers them to grow within the company.  We believe in her, she believes in us, and she is now at a point where she is truly the boss of a motivated and growing company.

Just three short years after it was a one woman show…she can sit back (although she never sits back…she’s always working), but she can sit back and watch Red Technologies help businesses thrive.  And it is all thanks to a team she personally created and fostered into what Red Technologies is today.

The best part is that thanks to the nature of our work, all this can happen in a coffee shop in Buffalo, MN,  while watching the surf roll in San Diego, CA, in a warming house in Breckenridge, CO,  or while enjoying a full rack of ribs at a BBQ joint in Austin, TX.

Our team LOVES Suzie….and Suzie loves her team.  She delegates appropriately, builds trust, instills happiness, listens, and empowers.  She makes sure we are all having fun and loving work.  She truly cares, and we all feel it, and know it, and it makes Red Technologies not just a company, but a team.  Go Team Red Tech!


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