Web Security and Why You Should Be Concerned

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As the number of websites online continue to grow, so does the market for hackers to steal personal and intellectual information. Have you thought about security when developing or finding a developer for your website? In the coming weeks, our experts at Red Technologies will be giving a high level overview of some of the top security concerns as it pertains to your web site or web application, such as injection, broken authentication, cross site scripting, session management, cross site request forgery and more.

Hackers have many motivations when attacking a website, such as information leakage, web vandalism, unauthorized code execution, monetary loss, etc. We must all remember that just by having a website online you are a target. Hackers range from “Script Kiddies” (people who may not have the expertise to write their own scripts so they use existing scripts or code to hack a web application) to large organizations with large amount of resources looking to steal sensitive information for a monetary gain.

Web security is hard and almost impossible to completely secure yourself. Red Technologies can help. If someone has enough resources, they will beat some of the best security in the world. But the majority of hackers are looking for the easy sites to hack, the ones that have known vulnerabilities they can find and exploit. Often hackers will use security scanners that are meant to help security analysts find vulnerabilities in your site to instead find those vulnerabilities for the purpose of hacking. A lot of these scanners are free, such as OWASP Zed Attack Proxy, which is fully meant to be used by security professionals and take very little time to setup and run on your website.

In the coming weeks, Red Technologies will be going over some of the most common web application vulnerabilities. Our website security experts will go over topics including:

  • The importance of keeping your plugins, themes, and frameworks updated
  • Injection vulnerabilities
  • Broken Authentication and Session Management
  • Cross Site Scripting
  • Cross Site Request Forgery
  • And more

If you have a WordPress website, we can help keep your site protected. To learn more about the WordPress Security & Maintenance Services that Red Technologies provides, visit Website Security and Maintenance Services or click here to contact us today!

Resources for users to check out:

Disclaimer: We are not certified security experts. We are giving a high-level overview about web security so that you can be more informed about some of the most common security vulnerabilities to look out for when developing or finding a developer. We will also be sharing some resources to help you continue your research on web security.

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