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 In Blog, why blog
Blogs!  They are all the rage.  “Everyone” says you need to blog!  But do you?

Short answer:  Yes!

Blogging drives traffic right to where you want people to go: YOUR WEBSITE!  Once at your website, the sky is the limit.

After reading all the great information you provided in your blog, they will start clicking around and will see how great your other services are.  And the next time another great blog comes around, they may share it!  And then more people who have never been to your site have showed up.  And they tell two people, and they tell two people, and so on and so on. [80s shampoo commercial reference-ha!]  This is compound action all based on a few paragraphs of shared knowledge!

And if you can become an authority on certain subjects for your followers, you have reached the best part of blogging…being influential.  Being a source of solid information is like having a built-in marketing machine that you don’t even have to think about once that blog goes up!  Many blogs live on for years and can still drive traffic to your site far after they have been posted.  In comparison, a post on FB is lost in the stream of information within hours…a blog will live right where you put it for years!

Credibility is everything.  How do you establish credibility in your blogs?  Basically your writing needs to come from a very honest, forthright, and logical place.  Presenting solid facts in a friendly manner can give you some really great writing.  Which leads to great blogging.  Which leads to an audience and influence.  Which leads to…..LEADS!

Another wonderful thing about blogs?  Great blogging will give a voice to your company that a website can’t!  Wouldn’t it be awesome to have a sit down conversation with everyone that comes to your website?  A blog can offer that voice!  Your potential customers can get a feel for what your company knows and how you communicate.  Blogging can show your authenticity!  What a better way to create trust and reliability with current and future clients.

So if your website has a blog section….go check it out.  When was your last entry?  If it has been over 6 months….it’s definitely time to start it up again!  No time?  Make time.  Ask a member of your team to take ownership.  Is there even a section on your website for blogs?  If not, then it’s time to upgrade!  Talk to us!!  If your current blog is sitting alone and dusty….it would probably be better to just take it down.  However, realize that taking it down is a huge missed opportunity for growth!!

If you are patient, consistent, and INFLUENTIAL….you can become a source that people will go to for answers!  This can lead to more shares, more leads, more likes, more business, and more YOU….all over the internet!

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