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During the Rockstar Media conference in Wilmar, Red Technologies had the opportunity to listen to Nick Westergaard.  He is an expert on “building better brands online”.   Nick has written a book all about this concept called “Get Scrappy: Smarter Digital Marketing for Businesses Big and Small”.

During his presentation, he touched on figuring out WHY you are trying to brand digitally and WHO you are trying to reach.  As a company, it is crucial you learn to “do more with less”.

We will focus on just a small part of his book today.  Here are Westergaard’s “four content creation hacks that belong in every marketer’s toolbox:

1.  “Relentlessly re-purpose content” :  You can create many items
with one piece of content.  Create an e-book, use e-book to create
blog content, use blog content for FB, IG, (etc) posts.  Create videos
from slideshow pictures.

2.  “Utilize historical content” :  Go through your company’s
archives! There are great options in digging up the past to show how
you arrived to your present.  Talk about a great #TBT!  So go back to
the storage locker and dig through those dusty boxes.  Find a few old
pictures and scan (and then post) away.

3.  “Content curation” :   Share the great stuff you see online, and
your followers will continue to follow you because you become a great
knowledge base.  You can’t completely rely on using other people’s
great content to make yourself known online, you must continue
creating original content as well.  Combining great sharing and strong
creation will get you to your goal of “providing your community with
useful content.”

4.  “User-generated content” :  Ask you customers to take pictures
with your product!  Take pictures with clients.  See how happy they
are with your product.  Share yourself in an atmosphere with your
clients.  “When [this] content is shared it creates conversations and a
greater sense of community between you, the brand, and your audience.

There is so many GREAT opportunities for knowledge in Nick’s book.  It’s a quick easy read and you will walk away with a renewed look into the world of digital marketing.  Red Technologies gives it two thumbs up…..find and order Nick’s book HERE.

And if your company would like help with its digital marketing, check out what Red Technologies can do for you HERE.
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