How to Take Your Home Office Outdoors this Summer

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A little bit of sunlight and fresh air do wonders for your energy levels, and mood. So when the afternoon grogs come up next, consider moving your office outdoors. An outdoor workspace whether a balcony, porch, or backyard- expands your living and working space. If you’re home. All. The. Time. getting outside might be just what the doctor ordered.

Here are some tips and tricks for moving your office outdoors this summer:

Find a shady spot. Direct sunlight creates a glare on your screen, which makes it difficult to see your display which can cause squinting and headaches. Sunlight can also cause your computer to overheat. To avoid these and extend your open-air workday, find a tree, an overhang, or maybe a patio umbrella to set up under.

Set up your desk. We all know Target has a selection of cute outdoor furniture options if you have the room for it. Because most patio furniture doesn’t have ergonomic features to support long working stints, you should consider some add-ons. A seat cushion (if you have plastic or metal chairs), a lumbar support pillow for better back support, and possibly a laptop stand for comfortable screen-reading.

A camping chair can be set up pretty much anywhere for a less expensive and flexible option. Or, for the simplest and most cost-effective solution, head to your designated spot with a dining room chair and TV tray table.

Get cozy. If you’re anything like me, you enjoy some direct sunshine which at times can get a bit toasty. Grab a house fan, the most basic of appliances- on medium speed- both repels pesky mosquitoes and keeps you cool. If the fan isn’t enough to keep the insects away, consider keeping some repellent handy. And of course, don’t forget your SPF, our Minnesota sun can sneak upon us.

Finally, make the most of your outdoor time. If you have a video call, you don’t need to move indoors, just position yourself to show off plants, or flowers in the background. Take breaks to enjoy the fresh air, or toss the ball for your furry friends.

Have you moved your office outdoors? What did you enjoy most?

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