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As visual content on social networks has grown, so has the emphasis on storytelling with pictures. The push for visual content seems to only be getting stronger, so what are you to do with this focus on visuals?

First off, why is it so important? To jump right in, here are some telling stats on just how big visual content has become and how it is changing the way of marketing.

The importance of creating visual content cannot be overstated. Strong visual content gives people a reason to follow, like, comment, and (hopefully) eventually buy from you.

Need more proof?

So are you ready to step up your creative game? Here are some tips:

Design with grids. They can play a big role in creating images that look great.

Find a good filter and use it consistently. When you’re pulling images from a wide variety of sources, filters can provide a sense of consistency which can make your posts more recognizable on social media.

Set a color palette and fonts. Set a palette of colors and two to three go-to fonts that portray your brand.

Add your logo, where appropriate. Good branding is noticeable, but not obtrusive. Typically that means putting a small logo in a corner or the outer frame of the visual.

Size images to spec. Images with the wrong aspect ratio or low resolutions can be stretched or cropped, which reflects poorly on your brand. Here is a social media image size guide to help.

Build an infographic. Give your audience a sense of all the data without overwhelming them. 

Take advantage of free tools and resources. It is almost always best to hire a photographer or graphic designer to create custom content for your business. But, there are also great free resources available as well: 

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