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You perform a back-up of your WordPress website every month, yes?  And all updates are completed as well? Right? RIIIIIIGGGGHHHHT?!?!

If you have no idea what any of that means or tend to ignore notification emails to “update your plugins/themes!”…We need to talk!  Ignoring those updates and not backing up your site could eventually lead to breakdown in your security and site. Which really translates to: your website going down and LOTS OF MONEY out of your pocket.

For WordPress websites, monthly maintenance is the key to keeping that website in tip top shape!  Red Technologies recommends updating WordPress, the theme, and all plugins at least once a month. It’s important to update everything since many of the updates contain security fixes.  If you don’t update in a timely manner, you are opening up your website to being hacked. Often updates affect the entire theme, messing up design components, rendering your site DOWN, or worse…susceptible to hackers.  

You also need to make sure you backup your site before performing the updates because if anything goes wrong with the site due to the update, you will need a backup to roll back to.  If you don’t update in a timely manner, you are opening up your website to being hacked.

Red Technologies can handle this for you and we will keep your site backed up and updated!  It is important this is done on a regular basis, and doesn’t get forgotten.  When you hire Red Tech we will make sure backup and all updates are done every month.  We will also perform the backup, AND, if something does go wrong on the site due to an update, we can fix things right away so you have minimal (if any) down time.

With Red Technologies protecting your WordPress site, you can sleep soundly knowing that your site is safe, updated, and backed up.  This is a budget item that should not be ignored. If you are not technically savvy or don’t have the time to stay on top of it….let Red Technologies do the work for you.  Keeping your WordPress website secure and maintained can be a headache, and when problems arise it can take valuable time away from your business. Contact us today to set up your security.


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