What’s with the new Instagram update?

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Have you heard about the new Instagram update?  Now there is an additional “feed” area with content that you post separately that is available to view for 24 hours, with each picture or clip being about 10 seconds long.  The feed uses a row at the very top of the usual IG feed with “bubbles” representing each of the accounts you follow on IG.   There is a unique opportunity with this new roll-out to be first on the scene with a “story” to share with your followers on a consistent basis.  You are able to share what is going on LIVE, which adds a new way to add distinct information to your followers.

This new feed allows for a more candid (and even live) opportunity to share your business.  However, there is also an ability to use photos right from your camera roll and even add a few filters!  With a little planning and creativity, you can share great information with your followers.  Swipe up during your story and you can see which of your followers have viewed your story.  For your followers…a swipe up (or a touch in the lower left hand corner) will allow them to write a direct message to your IG messages to either comment on something you have posted or to reach out for information.  This is a great way to opening an easy and “of the moment” line of communication that could lead to great opportunities in your business.

To use this new feature, you simply go to your “home” to get to the main feed area.  At the very top left hand corner is a + sign with a choppy circle around it.  Pressing that will take you to a camera.  Take a picture or a 10 second video.  By swiping down during the camera feature you can choose pictures from your camera roll (but only ones taken in the last 24 hours!).  Swiping left and right after a picture is taken or chosen will add filters.  Then you can then add text, writing, and add emoticons (you can increase and decrease the size and placement of emoticons).

Once you are satisfied with your video or picture, simply press the “check” in the middle bottom of the screen, and it is automatically added right to your “story”.  Each picture or video will stay up for 24 hours and then disappear.  You can save a picture or video by pressing the “down arrow” in the bottom right hand side of the screen when your photo or video has been chosen, and BEFORE you press the “check” in the middle bottom of the screen.  It will be saved to your camera roll.

So play around a little…get to know your Instagram Story feature and your IG followers.   Posting stories are a great way to see who is viewing and what is popular to post.  Depending on your type of business you could post anything from your goods or services, to your employees, or machinery, hard at work.   The possibilities are endless!  You can really get a great read of what sort of social media posts your followers respond to, making your account, and your business, more successful!  And if you don’t have time to manage all this….call Red Tech!!

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