Winter is Coming…(So is Google’s https requirements!)

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Winter is Coming…(So is Google’s https requirements!)

HELP!  What is all this talk about SSL certificates and https encryption?  Non-https certified sites will be labeled UNSECURE on any Google Chrome browser come this October 2017.  But tell me Samwell Tarly…what does it mean, do we need to find some dragonglass, just in case?

Red Technologies is here to help clear it all up!  Come this October, there are going to be major alerts on websites found on Chrome that are not https (vs. http)!  You have been WARNED (say in loud, scary, doom-filled voice as you picture The Hound opening the jack-in-white-walker-box for Cersei.)  It’s all true what they say!  YOU NEED an SSL certificate or we’re all doomed!!!  But wait!…Don’t worry, it’s really not that scary…

Back in 2014, Google made efforts to make the internet, and specifically credit card and secure information type sites, safe. They encouraged everyone with a website to have a more secure encrypted https certification in order to keep third parties and hackers from stealing information unknowingly from users.  The hope was that the user would begin to identify https as safe, and http as less secure, and by survival of the fittest, all websites would convert and the world wide web would be nice and safe. Ha!  Turns out this was not enough to distract the user from searching on unsecure sites, or a big enough deterrent for web developers to not ensure SSL upgrades.  You may have noticed (and possibly ignored if you REALLY want the information on the other side) certain warnings that pop up looking similar to these:

What they thought was going to be a big enough deterrent to unsecure sites, was not always enough to sway the user away.  How crazy!  So Google will be taking it to the next level and will start placing warnings like this on their browser come October 2017.  Straight up “NOT SECURE” warnings in RED!!!  ACCCCKKKKKKK!!!!  This is not good for your site!!!! So starting in October, unsecure sites in Chrome….will be marked as so:How to check if your site is safe? Easy! Two things:

  1. You want the https in front of your site (
  2. And this sweet padlock showing up next to your site name:

In short, switching to HTTPS and SSL certification is the smart thing to do.  Will your site crash and all will be lost without it?  Not at the moment.  Could you lose business?  Probably…eventually.  Google is serious about this and will only continue rolling out new updates for Chrome leading towards more security and encryption. Google has offered several “best practice” and step by step advice.  The more updates that your site is missing, the more difficult the process of keeping up, so time to get moving!  With regular maintenance of your site by our experts, your site will be as safe and secure as when Daenerys Targaryen emerges from the burning temple of the dosh khaleen unscathed. So awesome and easy, right?!

The key to an easy switch to https is a process of re-directing your site temporarily while checking all pages and links for all http links.  If one http is missed, Google with find your whole site non-compliant with the SSL certificate, and you could find “UNSECURE! UNSECURE! UNSECURE!” popping up all over your site even though you have the SSL certificate!  This is sometimes an easy process….sometimes not so much! Don’t have the time?  Don’t worry….We can help!

Red Technologies firmly believes in our client’s well-being and business. We are now in the process of insuring all new sites will have the SSL certificate, and have been reaching out to current clients under our monthly maintenance contracts to find the best time to address this issue.
*Perk of having Red Technologies in your corner*

Is your site an “unsecure http site with lots of credit card transactions or secure information to protect”?  Call us today (yesterday!!) Did you promise yourself to keep up with updates on your site, but wish someone else could worry about it?  Call us!  Maybe your site is more like “Hey, this change will not only help the security, SEO, and searchability of my site, but is the future of all sites and the time is now!”  (Winter IS coming.)

Wondering which category your website falls?  Call or email today and we can give you a FREE online consultation on your options.

At Red Technologies, we would like to help you before you are in emergency mode and losing clients left and right. This HTTPS situation is not really a question of IF you should install SSL certification but when, although not all sites are an emergency!  By installing the SSL certification and getting that coveted “S” on the end of your http, will help your security, SEO, and most importantly peace of mind, and bonus: Google (The true ruler of the seven kingdoms and King of the Iron Throne) will be so very happy!

And now to wrap it all up in Game of Thrones style but without all the blood, nudity, or dragons (boring).  Our top web developers are the Watchers on the Wall making sure that regular maintenance on your site keeps the UNSECURE White Walkers where they should be:  NORTH, and away from your site! Don’t be left in the cold (with the Night King and his army of the undead) with no SSL Certificate!  

October is coming (so is winter) and whether it’s SSL certification or White Walkers….you must begin paying attention to those of us that have seen North of the Wall. Call or email us today!

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