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So you need to book a hotel room during a family road trip that went sour sooner then you thought.  “Are we there yet?” turned into “We’re going to have to get somewhere…NOW.”  Not long ago, yes your sweet Razor flip-phone could have made the call….but now there are smart phones!  The whole find, search, book, buy…happens right in the palm of you hand!  And it’s just not for hotels…it’s for EVERYTHING!  EVERYTHING!!!

Sure your website looks good on a PC/Mac computer…but more importantly does it look good on your smart phone?  These are the questions that you need to look into when developing your site.  Red Technologies makes sure your site looks good whether it’s on a computer, tablet, or phone.  From the very first design, we think about how your website will correlate from computer to smartphone.  It’s no longer an option to not have a mobile friendly website.  It has to be able to be responsive, easy to use, and have the ability to look good on the phone whether it’s locked in portrait or landscape.

Your customers and clients need a great mobile experience.  The world of the web and apps is quick and your site can’t afford a glitchy image or unreadable content.  Your customer will simply move on to the next in line on the google search.  Make sure your site works on all devices…and let us help you!

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