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why-facebook-300x168Does your business really need a FacebookPage?  And what’s the advantage of Tweeting, Instagramming, and Google Plus-ing?  Who has the time? You have a business to run!!!

Social Media for your business has to be on the “list” of things to do.  If you think you don’t have the time, you need to make it.  It should be as important as invoicing, payroll, and brushing your teeth.

People are on their smart phones on average 14 times a day for 2-3 minutes at a time. By making your presence known on social media, you are putting yourself into the hands of each and every person reaching for their phone.  And what are all these people looking for?  They are seeking out information, a connection, and most importantly trust.

Your online presence is opening a line of communication that makes it easy for your customer to establish a level of trust, before the first phone call is even made, or the first email is even sent.  That is an advantage a business should not, and cannot, ignore.  So sign up today! Make it a priority.  No time?  Make it.  Hire it.  Do it.

Think about it.  What other way are you able to reach out to the eleventy billion people with smart phones?  Think of all the reach…the connections…the new lines of communications open !  It is simply something you can’t ignore or afford NOT to be part of.

There is nothing worse then going to check out a business’s Facebook page and finding nothing, or worse, finding one lonely status update from 2012.  Customers and clients want to trust your company and having a social media presence is a great way to establish trust and begin a connection.  There is an undefinable sense of communication that happens through a business’s social media profile.  It lets your customers see your business and feel like they know you and what your business is all about.

In today’s mobile and online world, your online image is as important as the work itself.  It’s a currency that can’t be measured, but will surely enhance and improve your bottom line in the long run.  If you need help (or don’t have the time)…WE CAN HELP!!
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