How do avoid getting your website hacked

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We know you know your website should be backed up monthly. 

We know you’ve heard horror stories of identity theft, hacked websites, and unwelcome digital interference. 

And we know you know we’re available in the event this happens to your site. But lets review how these hacks can be avoided, and why our monthly maintenance package is designed to keep out invasive web species.

Web protection. Think of our monthly maintenance plan as an insurance policy for your website. In addition to top search engines always updating functionality, security needs are constantly changing too, often wreaking havoc on websites that are not updated regularly. When updates are not completed, plugins expire, leaving your site vulnerable to hackers, who are searching for outdated technology and compromised websites. Rather than incurring an hourly fee each time you need updates to your site, a monthly backup and regular check on the functionality of your site will protect the investment you’ve made into your website. Trust us!

Current case study. Just this month, digital attackers have been discovered using multiple compromised websites in order to distribute samples of the Troldesh ransomware family. Found through malicious emails and social email, hackers are tricking victims by visiting an infected URL. When visited, the URL begins loading a PHP file that downloads a JScript file onto the computer. The second file is a host-based malware dropper that downloads the Troldesh ransomware file. This type of infiltration can cause major problems for sites that are not prepared, or have not been updated in a very long time. 

Sucuri Security states in its research: “If your AV or anti-malware software doesn’t block the execution, the ransomware begins the process of encrypting your files by using two separate keys–one key encrypts the filenames and the other encrypts the actual file contents. This dissuades victims from attempting decryption, as it increases the difficulty to do so.”

Back it up. Protect your organization against ransomware like Troldesh by personalizing anti-spam settings, educating employees of phishing attacks, and regularly fixing software for known vulnerabilities. 

If you do not have personnel to support this aspect of your business, please contact our specialists at Red Technologies to help protect your website and online brand today


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