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How long has it been since you established goals for your business? Undoubtedly, you have revenue targets and margins you manage on a daily basis, but when was the last time you reevaluated the goals of your website? If you haven’t thought about a website refresh since flip phones were cool, you’re long overdue. 

Technology changes by leaps and bounds every year, as does the functionality and security of websites. If you’re not maintaining your site on a regular basis you may be missing out on  cyber opportunities. Developers and marketers alike are constantly introducing new ways to help small businesses grow through an online brand. From ecommerce to drip campaigns, the options for improving your website functionality are limitless. But don’t take our advice, read on to learn more from our valued client, Texas Technologies.

Who is Texas Technologies? Texas Technologies is a full service distributor of critical packaging products, with the expertise to solve any industrial packaging requirement. With over 30 years of experience, Texas Technologies offers more than 2,000 packaging solutions and carries 120 categories of products that are shipped worldwide. 

Prior to this year, they had a 10-year old website that was unable to integrate product sales and inventory with other systems in use, was not updated regularly (therefore not secure, showing few organic SEO results), leaving potential sales opportunities online up for grabs. 

Aligning goals. Our friends at Texas Technologies knew it was time for a change. They recognized the value of integrating their sales and tracking systems as well as updating inventory in real time. The team wanted to highlight their customer service and follow up with visitors of the website, creating brand awareness with multiple points of contact for the customer. Texas Technologies wanted to make communication and usage for current and future customers easy, improving an online portal and updating chat and service capabilities.

Dream big. Developers and designers here at Red Technologies were thrilled to be able to showcase our talents in marketing and web design. With such a huge product catalog and an outdated site, there were certainly lessons learned, but both parties are impressed with the end result. Check out the updated Texas Technologies site and begin to imagine what we can do for you.

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