Supporting Small Businesses From your Couch {Part One}

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Talk about a plot twist in 2020 huh?! Parents learned to homeschool in a day, restaurants are resorting to curbside pick-up, and teenagers are forced to interact with their siblings. But it isn’t all gloom, people are getting outside, families are eating dinner together, crazy rushed lives are slowing down, and communities are coming together to help those in need. The past couple of weeks have impacted everyone’s daily lives. Let’s hope we all come out a little stronger (and sane) when this outbreak comes to an end.

From going to the movies to grabbing a bite downtown, many of our regular activities are now on pause. As we know, this has had a drastic impact on small businesses everywhere. So, how can you support your local businesses from your couch?

Provide a boost to your favorite businesses by leaving them a stellar review on Google, and or Facebook- that thing you always meant to do but never got around to it (hey thanks coronavirus)!




While you’re at it, follow local businesses online and show them some love– likes, comments, and shares on social media posts help businesses out with Facebook algorithms. Invite those you know to learn about the business so they can visit when the outbreak comes to an end. And don’t forget, order online!

If you need a hand leaving businesses a review, feel free to reach out!


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