Supporting Small Businesses From your Couch {Part Two}

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We recently mentioned how you can support your favorite local businesses during quarantine by leaving reviews on Google and Facebook. (link part one) There is no harm in sending them a little more love though so here are some other ways you can support.

Buy Gift Cards

Many businesses are offering gift cards online.  Get in touch with the local businesses you frequent and see how you can purchase a gift card from them. This helps funnel revenue their way and you get to look forward to shopping with them once things return to normal. You can also make your friend’s day by surprising them with a gift card!

Order Takeout

Okay, you may have to hop off the couch for this one, but what is better than takeout on the couch while binge-watching your favorite show?! The majority of restaurants are closed to the public, but some are offering takeout. Check to see if a restaurant is offering its menu to go and skip the leftovers. Help the restaurants survive this uncertain time so you can dine with them in the future!

Reschedule Instead of Cancel

While we may not know what tomorrow or next week looks like, the current situation is still temporary. Help friends and businesses stay positive by rescheduling appointments instead of canceling. By rescheduling, you are letting the business know that they still have customers who are ready for routine once this situation ends. 

Find a Local Business for Your Needs

No matter how many items you stockpiled for quarantine, there is always something you missed or have run out of. So, if you need to replenish items such as kid’s games, educational resources, cleaning supplies, books, markers, etc., see if you can order these items from a local store online. If a business doesn’t have an e-commerce store, try reaching out to see if you can pick it up. Most businesses will be happy to organize a curbside pick up in exchange for revenue!

Your Impact

The effects of COVID-19 have hit everyone. However, small businesses are bearing a unique burden. Little gestures can add up to big differences, you can help your local favorites stay afloat, even if it is a $5 gift card. It helps them and allows you to enjoy the business that you cannot currently visit.


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