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If you are a valued client of Red Technologies, or just a fan of our blog (and who isn’t?!) you’ve heard us regularly recommend updating your website. But what does this really mean? And why, after spending so much effort creating a cool website, would you need to turn around and update it every month?

Your website is often the first impression clients will receive, so it’s crucial to make it a good one. Here are three big reasons why maintaining your website monthly will earn you a big return on your investment:


  1. Security. If your website is hacked, it will cause issues for both your business and your clients. Not only is there the possibility of vital information being stolen, but also the threat of a loss of trust from your clients and online community. Sites are often hacked due to weaknesses from an out-of-date framework or plugin. Ensure you are using a reputable platform that is updated regularly and provides security features. Our web developers utilize WordPress, as it is secure, easy to use, updated often, and well supported by the web development industry. In addition to the threat of hacking, popular search engines are constantly updating their algorithms to provide the best search results. By updating your website and addressing the upgrades, you are maintaining (even increasing) your site’s ranking.
  2. Content. Update your website content often to increase SEO, and convert site visitors into users. Customers are looking at the material you are producing to form opinions and gain confidence in your brand. It is vital that your site is adding value to their experience by offering a variety of messages and highlighting any services. By effectively communicating to your target market and providing useful content, you are demonstrating that your company is knowledgeable, trustworthy, and worth their business.
  3. Design. You may offer a secure website with incredible content, but if it is hard to read, not mobile friendly or difficult to navigate, it’s unlikely you will increase traffic or sales. A poorly designed website is a turn-off to potential clients, and may cause them to leave your site before even giving you a chance to feature your business. Maintaining your site regularly offers a chance to customize your site design around the needs of your clients and provide a better user experience.


If your online marketing goals include gaining trust, increasing web traffic and conversion rates, building your brand, and providing a positive customer experience, it is imperative you update your website monthly. Red Technologies is devoted to creating and maintaining strong websites for our clients. If you do not currently update your site regularly and want to start, or have additional questions, please email


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