Strengthen your brand with an eCommerce platform

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Does your business have the opportunity to connect with customers and sell products online? Building–or updating–a website with an ecommerce channel helps diversify online presence, allows you to interact directly with your customers, and increases profit margins. 

It is estimated that eCommerce will grow from $2.3 trillion in 2017 to $4.88 trillion in 2021. If your long term goals include growing and selling your brand online, don’t let the dominant online retailers take your space in the marketplace. Check out these three reasons why adding eCommerce to your website will help you reach your sales and marketing goals.

Own your brand. By purchasing products through your site and communicating with you or your team, customers are gaining trust and loyalty with you, not a third party seller or large conglomerate. This provides a unique opportunity to connect with customers and encourages referrals as well as return business. Unlike selling through a public marketplace, you may brand your packaging and messaging to reflect your values while driving business back to your website. 

Without a ton of extra effort, onlines sales can increase marketing opportunities and encourage loyalty and brand recognition by:

  • Driving customers to social media platforms to continue engagement
  • Capturing email addresses for repeat contact
  • Offering continued value with thoughtful content through complementary videos and blogs on your website
  • Using package inserts or coupons with each sale to drive return business 

Reduce costs and increase revenue. If you sell through a marketplace that limits terms of service and charges a percentage for use of the platform, you can recoup that cost on each sale through your own site. Building and managing your own online store may be an expensive investment at first, but you will quickly find it pays for itself once you drive a higher volume of sales through it. 

By directing customers to your online store you can also boost revenue by cross promoting other products, or offering bundled packages of goods. 

Improve search marketing. When used in conjunction with SEO, eCommerce site sales have the ability to distinguish your business as a market leader. Not only are your visitors finding your site due to its robust content or featured products, but they are also noticing your site as a top pick in multiple searches for a variety of keywords. SEO has an extremely high return on investment when used within an eCommerce platform.

Not sure if an online store would work for your business? Red Technologies, can help! Our experts can build an ecommerce site for 20 or 20,000 products, streamlining your workload and improving efficiency. Email us anytime with questions on how we can help you build a strong online presence.  And check out Texas Technologies, a packaging product leader and valued Red Technologies client that needed an ecommerce solution for their wide range of products and distributors. 


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