What is a tagline and why it is a MUST for your business

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What is a tagline and why it is a MUST for your business

Your brand identity needs verbal support. Sure, you can look the part with your wicked-cool logo and color scheme, but does that leave an impression beyond a visual? A company needs an engaging message to be remembered by and to support why it exists.

Many taglines are only a few words long, but the important part is how you choose and use those words to make a lasting impression. Taglines can be a direct statement, so when it is read, it is clear what the message is. Other times taglines may have a little mystery to them, enticing the reader to look further into what the company is trying to say. This could lead the reader to a company profile or elevator pitch that goes more in depth to what the company branded message represents.

A popular format for taglines, beyond a simple sentence or phrase, is the one-word statements that are separated by a vertical line or punctuation. This format helps bring attention to key words showcasing the company’s message, and is powerful because you can say a lot in only a few words and no grammar or clever phrasing is needed.

Example of a vertical line format tagline: 

Innovation | Quality | Efficiency

Example of a punctuation format tagline: 

Innovation. Quality. Efficiency.

Why you MUST have a tagline

Why is a tagline important? A tagline for a business allows for the emotional or purposeful interaction needed to bring people closer to a connection. A positive connection will lead to trust, and to a relationship, and then time is the only obstacle before the transaction. Having a tagline for your business allows for the branded message to resonate through a person, leaving a long-lasting impression. Think about company jingles or how some businesses use a melodic tone in their messaging that follows their brand through every marketing channel… “i’m lovin’ it.”

Developing a voice

So how does one construct such a message without sounding like the other business across the street, or the competitor who continues to strive in the industry? Simple…like being a genuine person, just be authentic, without trying to be impressive. Easy…right? Having a stable and authentic brand, is the foundation to many successful companies and creates a solid marketing direction.

Similar to a likable person, a brand needs to be transparent, unique and trustworthy. To create an effective tagline that will stick, you need to write down a target market specific message, that is supported by one unique trait of your company.

No magic potion or secret sauce is going to generate the perfect tagline. That is the beauty of being unique and honest; the true company identity is presented. You know your business best and you know who your market is. Talk to your customers like they are people, and let them know why you rock.

In certain instances, a tagline could be created for a specific campaign that the company is marketing at the time. This could also be considered a slogan, since it may be used to market a specific message for a planned amount of time, leaving the tagline to speak about the company through a “bigger picture” message. Taglines and slogans can cross paths throughout a company branding, but both are trying to present a unique message to market the company’s purpose.

Utilize your resources

You may not be a writer or care to spend time on something like this. There may be an employee or family member that is good with words. Let them take a stab at it. Give them some ideas and words that best describe the company and what you want people to know about…in about 5-8 words or one word statements similar to the examples above.

A freelance writer or marketing agency is another way to get some professional writing support. They deal with design, words, and branded messaging on a daily basis, so they will be able to put your thoughts into a powerful statement.

Once you build the perfect statement, move on to implementing it through all of your business communication. Have it run alongside or underneath your logo and make sure to integrate it with your business cards and other marketing materials for a clear and consistent message.

Need help creating a tagline or looking for some marketing direction? Give us a shout and let’s talk!

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