Why Your Company Should Embrace the Meme

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Why Your Company Should Embrace the Meme

Memes have been around for years, but have become more and more popular in recent years due to today’s online culture. It seems even the most absurd things get shared around social media networks and blogs every day. So stay relevant on social media and jump on the meme bandwagon!

While memes might seem silly and pointless, it would be foolish to dismiss them as wastes of time considering their popularity. If you are looking for a creative way to get your name and brand out there, why not try using memes? Better yet, they’re easy to create and FREE!

There are many meme generators online that you can use to make memes. But there are some rules you should keep in mind when using them for businesses.

  • Be funny! If your meme isn’t funny, you aren’t doing it right.
  • Your meme should stay relevant to the products you sell or services you offer.
  • Define your target audience and make sure your meme will appeal to it.
  • Don’t offend anyone.
  • Share it on social media. That’s the point, right?

If done correctly, memes will be shared by your current social media followers which could bring more eyes to your social media pages and your website. If people are sharing your memes and talking about you, it’ll draw more attention (and potential clients) to your business! Because of this, Red Technologies encourages businesses to EMBRACE THE MEME!



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