5 Social Media Marketing Tips to Up Your Game

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One of the most crucial instruments for connecting with followers and building your brand is social media. With that said, continuously coming up with fresh content to post and figuring out how to reach new audiences can, at times, feel overwhelming. The good news? There are simple, cost-efficient ways to build brand awareness and up your social game, in addition to streamlining social media to be as time-saving as possible. Here are five steps your business can take to maximize its opportunities on social media:

1. Use Each Social Media Network Uniquely

One way to succeed on social media is to treat each of your social platforms a little differently. Each social channel suits different purposes, offering individual features and benefits for its users. Facebook and Twitter, for example, are social networks best used to connect with people and brands online. Meanwhile, Instagram and YouTube are media sharing networks that give people and brands a place to share high-quality photos and videos. Ideally, it is advised for users to try and customize posts for the functionality of the specific platform you are using.

2. Share High-Quality Visual Content

Sharing visual content is essential to increasing engagement on social platforms. Don’t worry. You don’t need to be a professional photographer to showcase high-quality images on your feeds; A smartphone camera paired with a few editing resources is all you need! There are plenty of tools ready to help you produce eye-catching images and graphics — often without a cost. VSCO is terrific for editing and applying professional filters to photos. At the same time, Canva is best for designing attractive graphics with a vast library of beginner-friendly templates, shapes, and font styles.

3. Try Content Curation

Sometimes it’s hard to think of new content to post every day. That’s the beauty of content curation: Sharing quality posts created by others (providing credit!) that are relevant to your audience. There are many sources available to help you find and organize content to share, including Flipboard, Pocket, and Elink.io. Content curation can be a great (and stress-free) approach to adding value to your online presence. Just remember, always attribute the original content creator and be careful that the information you are sharing is from a reputable source. 

4. Manage Engagement

Social media has created an opportunity for your brand to build a relationship with its audience in a new way. Using a social media management tool will help you to engage with followers or customers across the board (without needing to log in to each of your platforms separately). Hootsuite is one management tool that allows you to centrally manage all messages and mentions directed at your brand in one dashboard, providing a great bird’s-eye view of your social media presence. 

5. Schedule Consistent Posts

A dedication to regularly posting across each of your social platforms is critical for receiving a consistent following. We suggest creating a content calendar for your brand’s social media, as it is one of the most effective ways to keep your posts organized throughout various social platforms. Hootsuite, Buffer, and Loomly are just a few management tools available that include scheduling functionality. These tools are excellent for allowing you to stay active on social media while preventing situations of last-minute scrambling to post new content!

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