Video is the new black…

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It’s time to scroll through the social media platform of your choice!   So the scrolling begins: your cousin’s cute baby, a sponsored ad, that funny meme that’s been circling, scroll, scroll, scroll, and then what’s this?  Some action, some movement….a video!  You take an extra few seconds to watch.

Videos…they make a person stop and look.

Do you want your potential and current clients to stop and look?  The digital lifestyle of today’s consumer has a rather short attention span.  Despite low retention habits, video views continue to grow.  Just using the word “video” in an email, increases open rate and click through rate.

Video Marketing is becoming the number one way for a company to get its message to it’s customers.  How else can you give an overview of your company in such a concise snippet (like ours!!)?!  Just one video can be used for several different digital platforms. And videos can be measured by views, which can help you figure out who is interested in your company.

Want to take advantage of this growing way of reaching more of the market?  We can help!  Red Technologies will take you through the whole process from beginning to end.  Let our experts take your idea from conception to completion.  We can create everything from a spectacular slideshow, to a full video production including voiceover and editing…we do it all!  Call us today!
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