How to make working from home work for you

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Many of us work-from-home veterans are accustomed to creating productive work schedules while managing barking dogs, dirty dishes, and video conference calls. The past year has seen a dramatic increase in telecommuting, leaving many shell shocked by the work environment change. While it is a difficult balance for everyone to find, here are some helpful tips from our Red Tech team:

Notice what makes you productive. Are you full of energy right away in the morning, or later in the day? Does background music or total silence inspire your creativity? Do you need tea or soda to get your juices flowing? Should you start your day with exercise, or save it for mid day? Only you know! By identifying the type of environment and routine in which you thrive in you can maintain–even increase– your productivity. Establish your routine and stick to it!

Create an inspiring space. Declutter your work area to allow your focus to remain productive. It’s easy to get distracted when your desk is piled high with papers, photos, and hidden lip balm. Ensure you have good lighting, a supportive seat, and a spot for your favorite beverage. 

Schedule your time (and plan for breaks). It’s just as easy to skip lunch while working from home as it is when you travel into the office. Remind yourself to take brain breaks to stretch your legs, refresh your water, or change the laundry. Your mind and body need to regularly break in order to produce quality work. If you are on video or conference calls all day, be sure to block your schedule to minimize eye strain and poor posture. Guard your work time seriously and be clear to any of your “office mates” at home when you have important calls or significant deadlines.

Celebrate milestones and achievements. You’re already accustomed to meeting and celebrating goals at the office, but it’s easy to overlook them when it feels as though you never leave the house. Highlight your accomplishments by tracking them in your calendar or celebrating with your family. Bring in donuts on occasion, or treat yourself to a fancy lunch with a promotion–just because you can’t enjoy a social event doesn’t mean you didn’t work hard for your latest achievement.

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