Modern Website Trends to Consider for your Website

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Your website is responsible for your customer’s first impression of your business. Regardless if your site is used to promote sales, increase education on a product or service, or build an online community, a great design will engage clients and build your brand. So it’s crucial to incorporate accessibility and modern design. 

Are you thinking about a new website or design refresh? Here are some of the top web design trends for 2020:

  • White Space. Modern web design is going back to basics, highlighting purposeful white space and minimalist design. The open space allows visitors to move through your pages with an easy flow, creating visual hierarchy with little distraction.
  • Full page visual headers. Readers focus attention on the top left page, so designers are adding call to action buttons and key text on the left of eye-catching images located on the right. This keeps key information easy to find, but allows the graphics and flow to highlight your company’s personality.
  • Dynamic scrolling and custom illustrations. Invite a playful and fun option to your site with different scrolling speeds throughout the website, creating a 3D effect for visitors. Or, highlight layers, gradient shading, or 3D illustrations to showcase your personality.
  • Color trends. Online color trends continue to be muted, featuring soft cool colors for important information and backgrounds, while using bold warm colors for calls to action.
  • Bold fonts. Modern design is having fun playing with fonts and type. Vintage, outlined and bold type are all making a comeback, as designers continue to work with branding. Another trend is text dominating the entire screen and used in playful illustration.
  • Engaging stories. Much like our social inclination, modern websites are good at telling stories. A classy design flow, highlighting graphics and illustrations need high quality content to engage your target audience. 


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