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Enroll in our monthly security plan to avoid breaking your website

Did you have some issues loading your website, or one of your bookmarked favorites in the past month? A recent update to WordPress (a popular web publishing provider) has caused some problems for many of its users. 

When WordPress put out the latest major update version 5.5, they removed some code libraries including jQuery Migrate, a tool that WordPress has used for years. This library has helped outdated themes and plugins work with the many updates WordPress puts out each year. Getting rid of this library specifically caused outdated themes and plugins across the internet to stop working; breaking parts of many WordPress sites that have updated to the latest major version of version 5.5. 

jQuery Migrate is a javascript library specifically developed to preserve deprecated jQuery libraries. It works with the latest version of jQuery, a javascript library to help developers develop lightweight JavaScript code. For WordPress developers to upgrade the latest jQuery libraries–and stay updated–they need to remove jQuery Migrate to force plugin. Theme developers need to to upgrade their code base to be compatible with the latest libraries and not use deprecated code.

If the last paragraph reads like a foreign language, fear not, our expert web developers have your back. Each month, our principal software engineer reviews any potential issues for our clients enrolled in a monthly security package. He quickly and efficiently solves any technical problems with minimal impact to site usage. 

If you are not a monthly client with our maintenance program, we still offer the solution, but at an hourly rate. WordPress, Google, and many other key players in the digital age integrate updates and changes with little to no notice, often causing tech issues behind the scenes. (Like broken links, funky images, and spinning wheels of doom).  We encourage all of our clients to enroll in our monthly security and maintenance program to mitigate any issues that arise as a result of these updates.

Read more details about our security plan here, or why you should implement a monthly maintenance plan by clicking here. Our web experts at Red Technologies are on the leading edge of new technology and website development. Contact us with any questions.


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