How Voice Search Impacts SEO

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Once a dream depicted in Back to the Future or The Jetsons, talking to smart devices and getting correct answers is now a common part of everyday life. If you utilize a voice activated search engine on your phone, tablet or home device, you are a part of the increasing majority on how consumers are finding information.

Voice search options have proven to be fast, convenient, and easy to use with mobile devices. But, is it impacting your business website strategy? Yes! While it is easy to fetch results using a voice search, it isn’t the same as typing a query on your desktop and receiving an optimized result. As voice activated searches impact your business SEO, you may need to finesse your web approach. Here is why: 

  • Voice searches are more conversational than typing. When users search by voice, they tend to ask entire questions, rather than focusing on a few keywords in a desktop query.
  • Many voice activated searches are requesting specific information “near me,” indicating that voice searches are used on the go, requesting local information. Key phrases in voice search may be more detailed as well, potentially producing more specific results.
  • Content on your site needs to cater to what people are saying in their search. Social media, blogs, and business information on your site needs to be clear and concise to cater toward both keyword searches and voice direction.

Currently, voice searches are already used by more than half of American teenagers and 40% of adults, a trend that will continue to grow.  Unsure how to manage your sites SEO or update it for voice activated users? Contact Red Technologies for support and more information. 

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